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Multigenerational family enjoying dinner after talking about Estate Planning in Nassau County, NYDo you need a law firm that offers estate planning services in Nassau County, NY? From writing up a will that indicates how your assets are to be handled upon your passing to providing advance healthcare directives and more, our team at The Law Offices of Aaron I. Katsman, P.C. can help you plan for the future in a way to keep your wishes honored.

Do you need legal help with your upcoming real estate transaction? Our law firm also provides property attorney services to help deal with the buying and selling of different properties. We understand how complex real estate transactions can be and having a guide through the process is very helpful.

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Attorney for House Closing in Nassau County

When you find the perfect home for you, it is an exciting time. However, you don’t want that excitement to overshadow and prevent you from seeing issues that could be problematic. With the help of a firm that offers closing attorney services, you will be sure that all of the required documents are properly filled out and will be filed. Owning a home is a blessing and our team that provides closing attorney services will be sure to help keep it that way through the whole process.

Real Estate Attorney & Title Attorney for Nassau County, New York

Real Estate Attorney Shaking Hands with Client Behind Sold Sign in Nassau County, NYMany times, you may have questions surrounding a property you are looking to buy, or you need legal help throughout the home buying process. Working with a law firm that provides real estate attorney or title attorney services can help to demystify the process and make you a more informed home buyer or seller in Nassau County, New York. By working with one of our attorneys from The Law Offices of Aaron I. Katsman, P.C., you will get negotiation assistance, contract reviews, and other general legal expertise to guide you along the way.

Our firm is proud to provide services to residents throughout Nassau County. Nassau County includes Glen Cove, Long Beach, Hempstead, North Hempstead, Oyster Bay, NY, and other villages and communities. The county is located directly east of the New York City borough of Queens, and is well known for its education facilities, including numerous colleges and universities.

Having legal assistance with your estate, property, consumer rights, or more is just a way to ensure you aren’t taken advantage of. Contact us today and start working with one of our experienced attorneys.

NACA Attorney Serving Nassau County

NACA, the National Association for Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, is a non-profit, community advocacy organization for affordable homeownership. In 2008, Aaron Katsman became the preferred settlement agent for NACA. Since then, together with his team, our legal firm has represented tens of thousands of buyers and sellers of homes, co-ops, and condos, and has helped individuals in their estate planning needs.

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