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Family Smiling on Beach After Estate Planning in Hempstead, NYAre you seeking the services of a law firm that provides property attorney services or estate planning in Hempstead, NY? When you decide to sell your current home, our law firm at The Law Offices of Aaron I. Katsman, P.C. can help with contract preparation as well as provide legal counsel and representation for those looking to sell a home. You might think your real estate agent would know these things, but they are there to help connect buyers and sellers, not to understand or practice property law. In the same way, having an attorney to help with your estate planning is appropriate where having an accountant do so would not be appropriate. It doesn’t matter the size of your home or your estate, our attorneys will help you navigate the complexities of the real estate process, estate planning, and more. Contact us today to request a consultation.

Title Attorney in Hempstead

Are you concerned about any potential liens on the property? When you have a law firm that provides title attorney services on your side with property issues, you will have an advocate who can help. We have helped both buyers and sellers in many real estate transactions with a variety of different tasks. For home sellers, we help interpret legal documents, such as disclosure forms and contracts, and provide guidance on issues with property valuation and title searches. For home buyers, our attorneys can assist with reviewing contracts, ensuring compliance with local regulations, negotiations, and more.

Real Estate Attorney & Closing Attorney for Hempstead, New York

Couple Smiling with New Keys After Working with a Real Estate Attorney in Hempstead, New YorkOur firm, The Law Offices of Aaron I. Katsman, P.C., which provides closing attorney services in Hempstead, New York, will ensure that the proper due diligence is carried out. This could be the results of a home inspection, double checking zoning laws on a property, easements that might be tied up with a property, or other issues. We can also review contracts and other documents to be sure that all local laws and regulations are followed.

Doing any real estate transaction without an experienced attorney could be setting yourself up for a bad surprise in the future. If Hempstead were to be incorporated as a city, it would be the second largest in New York, behind New York City; it is about three times the size of Buffalo, which has long been the state’s second-largest city. In local Dutch-language documents of the 1640s and later, the town was invariably called Heemstede, and several of Hempstead’s original 50 patentees were Dutch. The most popular beach on the east coast of the United States, Jones Beach State Park, is located in Hempstead.

Our firm is proud to serve the residents of Hempstead and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to request a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.

NACA Attorney Serving Hempstead

NACA, the National Association for Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, is a non-profit, community advocacy organization for affordable homeownership. In 2008, Aaron Katsman became the preferred settlement agent for NACA. Since then, together with his team, our legal firm has represented tens of thousands of buyers and sellers of homes, co-ops, and condos, and has helped individuals in their estate planning needs.

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