Estate Planning in Hempstead, Hewlett, Long Island, Nassau County, Valley Stream, and the Surrounding Areas

While many people consider estate planning to be only for those who have significant assets and wealth in Hempstead, Hewlett, Long Island, Nassau County, Valley Stream, and the surrounding areas, the truth is that nearly anyone can benefit from this service. At the Law Offices of Aaron I. Katsman, P.C. we work with all kinds of people who just want to be sure that their assets are distributed, and this doesn’t mean after you die either. This kind of service is important if you were to ever become incapacitated or couldn’t make decisions for yourself. Things like medical power of attorney and other issues can make a world of difference in how your assets are handled. Contact us today to speak with one of our estate planning attorneys about your needs.

Getting A Will Is Important

Multigenerational family enjoying dinner after talking about Estate Planning in HempsteadMany people don’t like to discuss things like a will because that means that they need to face mortality. And while this is understandable, the alternative is that the state where you reside will typically then be forced to decide how to distribute and deal with your assets. A will as part of your estate planning goes a long way to ensuring that your wishes will be followed, especially when it comes to key items such as jewelry and other assets. Along with a will it is important that you regularly review the beneficiaries for things like life insurance and other investment accounts.

From time to time you hear about donations being made in the name of someone who passed. This was designated before the person passed because they made their philanthropic intents known and documented. Estate planning is also very useful when it comes to handling larger assets and moving them out of an individual’s name and into other vehicles such as a trust.

Preparing For The Next Generation

For most people they do not inherit a great deal of money or other assets in their life, but if you are fortunate enough to have accumulated significant assets that you intend to pass on to future generations, then it is important ensure that these assets are not squandered. Educating the next generation of family will go along way to preserving this wealth, and hopefully expanding it as well. Working with our estate planning professionals can help to pave the way for future generations to make sound financial decisions with the assets you leave for them.

Whether you have millions in assets or just want to give you family a bit more peace of mind related to financial matters, working with an estate planning professional from the Law Offices of Aaron I. Katsman, P.C. will ensure things happen how you desire. It doesn’t matter what you have in Hempstead, Hewlett, Long Island, Nassau County, Valley Stream, and the surrounding areas, it matters what you do with it. Contact us today to get started with your estate planning.